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Meet Our Director, Rhona Feldt-Stein

Rhona Feldt-Stein is an occupational therapist who graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1975. Rhona has worked in hospital settings, home care services and with a board of education. She has owned and directed York Paediatric Therapy Services Inc since its inception in 1982.


Rhona has devoted her career to working with children with various disabilities. She is certified in many areas of therapy, has presented at conferences locally, nationally and internationally, and has authored several articles and chapters. She also holds a faculty status at the University of Toronto and is a guest lecturer at York University.

Professional Certificates

Certified Canadian Life Care Planner
Therapeutic Listening
SOS Approach to Feeding
Micropoint Stimulation
Reiki Level II
Neurodevelopmental Therapy
Sensory Integration

Testimonials from Our Clients

Your Passion for Your Work is Evident

“Our family cannot thank York Paediatrics enough for the impact they have had on the life of our son and our family. We have been with York Paediatrics for 6 years now, and their commitment to the well-being of my son and our family is always evident. York Paediatrics has provided us with the tools and knowledge to assist my son in achieving his full potential, and they always maintain a positive and professional attitude. It is evident that the staff members at York Paediatrics are passionate about the work they do and genuinely care for the kids they work with.” – Laura M.

Compassion beyond Measure

“My son Dawson has been followed by York Paediatrics since he was 9 months old, and he is now 17 years old. My son is very complicated and has diabetes, autism and other neurological issues. York Paediatrics has continually used treatments and resources that have helped Dawson become who he is today. They have taken Dawson from a screaming, hand-flapping child to one who now makes eye contact, is trying to verbalize, and uses technology to make his needs known. York Paediatrics has worked with my son’s various support workers and schools to ensure they understand his needs. The compassion, resourcefulness and support we have had these many years cannot be measured – we are so grateful!” – Becky and Dawson.

Helped Our Child with Down’s Achieve Developmental Milestones

“Our son Weldon has Down’s syndrome and we knew he would not reach his developmental milestones at the same time as his peers, hence our journey into therapy. We were very fortunate to have been told about York Paediatric Therapy Services Inc. After a full developmental assessment, our therapist established a program using MEDEK® to help Weldon learn to sit, crawl, stand and walk, which he completed by age 2! I know that the lessons and techniques taught to me and the complete support I received helped Weldon achieve these goals in record time. Therapy did not end there, as staff members helped Weldon learn to throw/kick a ball, jump, etc., and they worked on his fine motor skills as well. Weldon is now able to properly hold a pencil, colour, print his letters/numbers and use scissors. Weldon’s time at the two-week Handwriting Camp improved his printing and fine motor skills, and he has amazing printing now. School visits to support therapy goals and techniques helped to cement his continued progress. At age 10, Weldon continues therapy with York Paediatrics, and all the therapists have embraced Weldon and our family as well. My son would not be where he is today had we not been to York Paediatric Therapy. Our family is forever grateful.” – Althea K.

York Paediatrics Staffs Some of the Area’s Best Therapists

“Our children have been receiving services from York Paediatrics for 4 years. In this time, we have developed a very close relationship with many of the team members. Our lead therapist always makes every effort to understand our children and their goals and has been instrumental in moving both of them forward. The team at York Paediatrics is consistently supportive and honest with us, helping us to truly understand what our children need for support—no more, no less. They have guided and taken great care to impart the importance of therapy for our children, helping us to understand its role as one small part of their lives, along with how to manage its integration. They have truly worked with us to help our children move forward, transitioning them toward independence. Working with several therapists at York Paediatrics, we have found them to have considerable knowledge and skill, truly some of the best in the area!” – Simmi.

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