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In-School Therapy Services

At York Paediatric Therapy Services Inc, we provide therapy services for children who are struggling in school. Our therapists work in private schools to help provide early intervention and assist with handwriting difficulty, fine and gross motor skills, articulation and speech production. If these challenges are negatively impacting a child’s school life, teachers will, with parent approval, make an application for therapy services.

Community Care Access Centre

The Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) then determines if the child meets the criteria for therapy. If so, CCAC will send an approval to the school and contact us at York Paediatric Therapy Services Inc. We provide one-on-one sessions for children only at the school they have been referred from. Please note that we cannot meet your child anywhere else if we are being paid by CCAC School Care Program. In some cases, we may treat a child in their home if certain circumstances are required. This refers to all services, including OT, PT and SLP.

Give us a call or send us an email to learn more.


A 6-week after school group program, held at school, that makes a positive change in your child’s fine motor and printing skills (JK-SK – Gr. 1).

Fine motor skills are the foundation for written productivity and life skills. The introduction and use of technology require functional fine and visual-motor skills. Government-sponsored therapy services are very limited and ONLY provide a consultation model. We all know teachers are busy and are not trained therapists to carry over the many ideas often provided. That is why we have created a fun and meaningful way to improve your child’s fine motor and printing skills to make them confident and motivated to do their best. Let's work together to make change successful!

Contact us via phone or email for information on available days and pricing.

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